Larmesh Mesh LF16-1230


Larmesh Mesh LF-16--1540

LF 20/820

Larmesh Mesh LF16-1230

LF 16/1230

Larmesh Mesh LF-16--1540

LF 16/1540

Larmesh Mesh LF-14-2550

LF 14/2550

Larmesh Mesh LF-70-2550

LF 70/2550

Larmesh Mesh LF-12-5085

LF 12/5085

Larmesh Mesh Pig-Floor

Pig Floor

All illustrations have been made as close to the actual size as possible.

Specifications General Purpose Flattened Meshes

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  • Please note up to 20% of thickness can be lost on flattened meshes, caused by cold rolled flattening.
    All dimensions are nominal.
  • Dimensions can change without prior notification